Our Services

We offer accounting, auditing, taxation and business consultancy services in Papua New Guinea

Audit and Assurance

In today’s changing business environment, investors and stakeholders are becoming increasingly reliant on the opinions of auditors to inform their financial decisions.

Our audit team provides a broad range of audit and assurance services and has extensive audit experience across a range of organisations including statutory bodies, listed entities, multinational and private companies and donor funded projects.

We adopt a Risk Based approach to audit and all audits are performed in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and regulatory requirements and we pride ourselves on having a deep understanding of our clients businesses. Our unique relationships enable us to provide value where it is needed while maintaining our independence, integrity and professionalism.

Tax & Accounting Support Services

We understand the importance of ensuring that our clients employ the most effective structure and approach to their business to maximize value and reduce their current and future tax liabilities.

Our accounting and tax practice offers an extensive range of services to assist our clients to enable them to know exactly what their financial position is at any given time. The completion of financial statements and income tax returns is a key part of the administration of any business, regardless of size and at SKT we work closely with our clients to add value by interpreting and not just reporting their financial statements.

Our clients range across many industries in PNG including retail, landowner companies, marine pilotage and state owned enterprises.

SME Solutions

SKT understands the important role SME’s play in the nation’s development and seeks to provide the most complete and competitive service offering to help SME’s achieve their goals while also being flexible with its fees and charges.

Fees are developed based on value for money principles and on a mutual and respectful basis between the client and ourselves.

We work hard to understand our clients and their concerns and can work with you to identify the best SME package for your business, taking into account your specific circumstances.

We endeavor to deliver a highly competitive fee for a high quality product and will seek to agree fees with prospective clients prior to the commencement of any engagement.