Taxation Compliance & Advisory Services

Seamless Taxation Compliance and Expert Advisory Services

We understand the importance of ensuring that our clients employ the most effective structure and approach to their business to maximize value and reduce their current and future tax liabilities.

Our tax practice offers an extensive range of services to assist our clients to enable them to know exactly what their tax position is at any given time.

The completion of income tax returns is a key part of the administration of any business, regardless of size and at SKT we work closely with our clients to add value by helping them plan their future business operations while interpreting and not just reporting their taxation returns.

Our client’s are varied, from high net worth individuals, state owned enterprises and companies in the ICT, retail and marine pilotage industries.

Services we offer

  • Tax planning
  • Business structures
  • Withholding Taxes
  • Personal Income Tax Returns
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns
  • Salary packaging and Salary & Wages Tax calculations
  • Goods & Services Tax advice and calculations
  • Tax Agent Services
  • Deferred Tax Computations
  • Taxation Due Diligence
  • Tax advice on cross border transactions including Double Tax Agreements